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Visual Inspection (VT)

The operator interprets and evaluates the results of the visual inspection (VT) according to specific parameters of acceptability of the tested component. The technical expertise and great experience of the NDT inspectors are essential to grand sensitivity and reliability of the results.

Visual inspection is generally used to identify specific characteristics concerning surface and/or dimensions, such as alignment, forms and dimensions of components of equipment, devices, artifacts, surface conditions, etc.

They are usually classified in:

  • DIRECT VISUAL INSPECTIONS: when the item to be tested is closed, the operator can use lens, mirrors and gauges in order to enhance the effectiveness of the inspection
  • REMOTE VISUAL INSPECTIONS: when the item is not directly reachable, endoscopes, video cameras or similar equipment are used. Whatever instrument is choosen, its resolution must be at least equivalent to the one of the human eye.

Condomett makes use of a professional drone for visual inspections at altitude. The advantage is the very quick and safe survey of hardly accessible zones.

The technical staff performing VT have an accurate periodical examination to verify eyesight (direct of corrected) and ability to distinguish colors.



Condomett Fidenza (dal 1953 – Parma): controlli non distruttivi, trattamenti termici, officina meccanica, verifiche periodiche ed ispezioni aeree con drone