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Condomett was established in the late ‘60s, but its origin dates back to some years before. In 1953 a young engineer named Antonino Besagni founds IPERCON (Impresa Per Controlli), the first Italian company to carry out under contract nondestructive testing. Until that time, only Istituto Breda and Politecnico in Milan were able to offer radiographic testing to third parties.

Ipercon is a successful business. They work on shore: penetrant liquids, magnetic particles, ultrasonic, but mainly radiographic testing. The company flourishes over the years and its radiological mobile units are requested throughout Italy. In the late 60’s they start another activity: the hot air heat treatments.

The demand for services increases and Besagni decides to expand with a workshop and a new name. Condomett is established in 1968 in Fidenza. In the following years the incessant attention to the development in this field, the constant innovation in methods of inspection, the ensured reliability in granting high quality standards lead the company to cooperate with the most important petrochemical groups, both in Italy and abroad.

In 1999, Condomett starts a cooperation with Saras Refinery in Sarroch, with procurement contracts for maintenance, nondestructive testing and heat treatments. To this day, the several contracts for services inside the refinery – as well as in the whole Sardinia region – and the permanent presence of a well-prepared and competent staff have consolidated this strategic basis, making it become a pin of the company’s structure.

Condomett Fidenza (dal 1953 – Parma): controlli non distruttivi, trattamenti termici, officina meccanica, verifiche periodiche ed ispezioni aeree con drone