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Heat treatments

Thanks to the experience gained over more than 50 years in the field of Heat Treatments, to its highly qualified staff, to the incessant technical improvement and to the use of cutting-edge equipment, Condomett is able to understand and satisfy any client’s single need.
Condomett offers different heat treatment solutions:

  • Resistance heat treatments
  • Induction heat treatments
  • Hot air heat treatments

All heat treatments are carried out with fully automated equipment and computerized management systems able to control every single stage of the operations, combining high productivity to full repeatability of the processes, which is the essential condition to grant a high quality and constant over time performance.
Our equipment allows an easy access to any area and grants high quality results.

Condomett is able to assemble furnaces of all dimensions, both at its plant and at client’s location, satisfying any client’s requirement.
Every heat treatment cycle is reported on the relevant chart.

Condomett Fidenza (dal 1953 – Parma): controlli non distruttivi, trattamenti termici, officina meccanica, verifiche periodiche ed ispezioni aeree con drone